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2019-09-15 21:20:48

A pro-Brexit Conservative MP has compared the risk leaving the European Union (EU) poses to the nation to a plane crash. 

In a tweet referencing flight safety advice, Henry Smith argued that withdrawing from the bloc was a “global opportunity”, although just like a plane crashing in a worst case scenario, Brexit also posed a “risk”. 

He added, the “real danger” to the country was remaining a member of the EU. 

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The MP for Crawley tweeted: “Flying to the Middle East for work and reading the safety card. In a worst case risk scenario the aircraft could crash. Brexit is a risk but much more likely a significant UK global opportunity. The real danger is remaining in an increasingly centralising and undemocratic EU.”

Those who responded seemed more concerned than they were convinced by his argument.

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One noted that they were “not entirely reassured by a worst case scenario involving the deaths of every person in the UK”.

Another asked if “no landing is better than a bad landing”.

One of the MPs to announce his support for Boris Johnson during the leadership race, Mr Smith backed the leave campaign during the EU referendum and has previously described the risk of a no deal scenario as “nonsense”.

More recently he described the removal of the whip from conservative colleagues opposed to a no deal Brexit including father of the house Ken Clark, former chancellor Phillip Hammond and former Business secretary David Gauke as an “ignominious end to a number of unremarkable careers”.

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